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    For Valentine’s Day travel within the world of whisky


    Locked apart or locked together, Valentine’s Day is THE day to celebrate love and also friendship.

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you are still looking for some ideas for your other half, here are 6 suggestions that should make the whisky fanatic that shares your life very happy. Surprise your beloved ones by travelling at home through the palate.


    Joe got a gun – USA

    The whisky was distilled, aged and bottled by Mike Williams in Maury County, Tennessee, USA. This batch is a Straight Tennessee Whiskey selected from 20 barrels.
    Corn mash based and charcoal-filtered prior to aging following the great tradition of Tennessee distillation process.

    Joe got a gun characteristics:

    The nose: Sweet corn and cooked barley with a hint of cold smoke.

    The palate:  Smooth texture complimented by the same flavors than the nose.

    The finish: Spices and smoke fade with a nice heat.7



    The Kurayoshi aged 12 years – Japan


    Aged for over 12 years in ex-bourbon white oak barrels, the Kurayoshi Pure Malt Whisky is rich and fragrant with a nutty character and bold malt flavors.

    A well-balanced whisky with hints of vanilla, raisin and faint smoke. The light finish is a reminder of Tottori’s pure spring water used during distillation.

    The Kurayoshi characteristics:

    The nose: almond and malt flavours.

    The palate: nutty, raisin, smoky and vanilla taste.

    The-Kurayoshi-Aged-12 years-new-pack-sans-fond


    The Matsui the Peated – Japan


    On the outside, The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai, on the inside a strong product.

    A great care was given during the selection of malted Barley which was then peated. The master distiller believes that the quality of grain has a strong impact on distillation, aging and the complexity of the final product. Aged in American oak barrel in the Tottori natural environment prefecture very favorable to a good aging. It is then diluted down with high quality natural spring water from Mont Daisen.

    ‘The Peated’ expresses sweetness and fruitiness with a smoky finish. A masterpiece made with care and passion!




    Kavalan Classic – Taïwan


    The subtropical climate and natural spring water from Xue Mountain characterize the uniquely fruity flavors of Kavalan’s whiskies. Matured in carefully hand-picked casks, this exceptionally rich single malt is silky and smooth. A true classic and starting point to discover a complex and immense profile of Kavalan single malts.

    The Kavalan Classic characteristics:

    The nose: lean and elegant. Orchid and tropical fruits open softly. Lingering scent of honey, mango, pear, vanilla, and coconut.

    The palate: warm and smooth a silky texture. Hints of sweet mango juice and spiciness.

    The finish: the flavours stays with an oily and citrus finish.

    Kavalan classic


    Cliff Allen – Scotland


    Scottish whiskies no longer need recognition, everyone knows them.

    Cliff Allen is made from 15% blended malt and 85% grains. Aged in Scotland.

    The Cliff Allen characteristics:

    The nose: fruity flavours.

    The palate : aromatic taste.

    The finish: fruity aromas, a beautiful balance.


    The Tottori – Japan

    A tribute to the province that has been Matsui distillery’s home since 1910. The Tottori range is composed of several Japanese whiskies. The use of the clean and fresh water from Tottori natural streams is the key to the process.

    This blended whisky made of several Japanese whiskies has the particularity to be aged in Bourbon barrels for 3 years.

    Bourbon barrels help to bring out all the aromas of American oak to Matsui’s blend. Non chill-filtered.

    The Tottori characteristics:

    The nose: smoky and sweetness flavours.

    The palate: smooth and soft taste with sweet caramel and vanilla.

    The finish: soft sweet aromas and medium long stay.


    International celebration of love, Valentine’s Day is the day to spread love and gifts. It is the opportunity to discover or make discover to your beloved ones new flavours, new aromas and high-ends products.

    BBC Spirits hope that the Whisky lovers will find their perfect match.